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Drilling chemicals supplier in Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi, Fujairah

Drilling chemicals supplier in Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi, Fujairah, Ajman. We are dealing all types of Drilling chemicals. Some of the drilling chemicals are listed below with packing details.

1Xanthan Gum 25 kg
2Potassium Chloride 50 kg
3Calcium Chloride 75% 50 kg
4Calcium Chloride 90% 50 kg
5Calcium Chloride 95% 50 kg
6Bentonite Wyoming non treated 1.5 MT
7Bentonite normal Grade 1.5 MT
8Poly Electrolyte Cationic (Powder) 25 kg paper Bag
9Poly Electrolyte Cationic (Liquid)1 50 kg Blue Carboy
10Poly Electrolyte Anionic (Powder) 25 kg Paper Bag
11Poly Electrolyte Anionic (Liquid) 50 kg Blue Carboy
12Baryte  1.5 MT Jumbo Bag
13Baryte  1.5 MT Jumbo Bag
14Sodium Bromide Liquid 1000 Kg IBC
15Calcium Bromide Liquid 1000 kg IBC
16EP Lube 210 kg Drum
17HP EP Lube 210 kg Drum
18Carboxy Methyle Cellulose Low Viscosity 25 kg HDPE bag
19Carboxy Methyle Cellulose High Viscosity 25 kg HDPE bag
20Poly Anionic Cellulose Low Viscosity  25 kg HDPE bag
21Poly Anionic Cellulose Regular 25 kg HDPE bag
22Poly Anionic Cellulose High Viscosity 25 kg HDPE bag
23Partially hydrolyzed Poly Acrylamide 25 kg paper Bag
24Primary Emulsifier1 208 kg Drum
25Secondary Emulsifier 208 kg Drum
26Poly amine  208 kg Drum
27polyol 208 kg Drum
28OBM Viscosifier/ Organophilic Clay 50 kg HDPE bag
29Gilsonite 1 MT Jumbo Bag
30Thinner 208 kg Drum
31Surfactant Solvent 208 kg Drum
32Oil Wetting Agent 208 kg Drum
33Drilling Detergent  208 kg Drum
34Cloud Point Glyco 208 kg Drum
35CFLS 25 kg HDPE bag
36Chrome Lignite 25 kg HDPE Bag
37Spotting Fluid Weighted 208 kg Drum
38Spotting Fluid Non Weighted 208 kg Drum
39Sulphonated Asphalt 25 kg HDPE bag
40Causticized Lignite 25 kg HDPE bag
41Calcium Carbonate (F/M/C) 50 kg HDPE bag

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About Us

We are one of largest marine chemical manufacturing company in Asia. Our specialization in marine, oil field, shipping industry. Since 1995 our group team continiously developing our product to achieve best in quality and services. Specially in shipping industries we make our position on TOP among all supplier. All shipchandler and shipping company of UAE - Middle East are well known to us and DUBI CHEM Marine International have more then 1800 global regular client to achieve our monthly target more then 360 MT .   DUBI Chem Marine International have very strong distribution network as well in INDIA also to complete supply directly on ship vessel - (Kandla,Mundra,Sikka) , (Mumbai,JNPT,Goa,Manglore) , (Vizag-Visakhapatnam,Gangavaram) , (Chennai,Ennore,Kochin) , ( Kolkata, Haldia, Paradip ) etc... For INDIA supply directly mail us on or feel free to call us 0091-9322594669 ...

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