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For fuel processing

Biocontrol MAR-71. Biocide for fuels and lubricants.

Burnaid. Organic combustion improver.

Dieselite. Combustion catalyst and ash modifier.

Dual Purpose Plus. An additive for improving the combustion process and gas removal.

Fuelcare. Additive for improving fuel preparation before combustion.

Gamabreak. Separator for water-fuel emulsion.

Soot Remover. Dry soot and scale remover.

Soot Remover Liquid. Soot remover.

Valvecare. An additive for improving the combustion process and gas removal.


For boiler water treatment

Alkalinity Control. : Concentrated liquid alkali for boiler water treatment.

Autotreat. : Conditioner for water treatment in boilers with pressures above 30 bar.

Boiler Coagulant.:  Conditioning additive to prevent deposits in boiler water.

Cat. Sulphite L. : Sulphite catalyst liquid for rapid oxygen cleaning in boiler systems.

Combitreat : Universal conditioner for boiler water of low pressure boilers (up to 20 bar).

Condensate Control. : Liquid additive for boiler systems to reduce corrosion in condensate.

Hardness Control. : Phosphate additive for boiler water.

Liquitreat. : Universal liquid conditioner for boiler water in boilers with pressures up to 30 bar.

Oxygen Control. Hydrazine solution for oxygen cleaning of boilers.

Oxygen Scavenger Plus. Solution for removing oxygen from boiler water.


For cooling water treatment

Cooltreat Al. Liquid corrosion inhibitor for the cooling system.

Dieselguard NB. Corrosion inhibitor for cooling water.

Mar-71 Biocide. Biocide to prevent the development and growth of microorganisms in water cooling systems and lubrication systems.

Rocor NB Liquid. Liquid corrosion inhibitor for cooling water.

For the treatment of evaporators

Vaptreat. Treatment fluid for evaporators.


For sea water treatment

Bioguard. Liquid anti-fouling additive for seawater systems.

For the treatment of drinking water systems

Potable Water Stab. Monitoring the formation of scale and corrosion in hot water systems and other single-flow water systems.

Marine chemicals for cleaning and maintenance of equipment and premises

ACC Plus. : Non-toxic cleaner for air coolers and turbochargers.

Air Cooler Cleaner. : Purifier for air coolers and turbochargers in service.

Aquabreak PX. : General purpose water-based degreaser.

Aquatuff. : A powerful general purpose alkaline cleaner.

Bilgewater Flocculant. : Product for the treatment of oily bilge water.

Carbon Remover. : Powerful cleaner for removing stubborn carbon deposits.

Carbonclean LT. : Low toxicity solvent cleaner for removing stubborn carbon deposits.

Carpet Cleaner. : Dirt cleaner for all types of carpets and carpets.

Cleanbreak. : Self-separating cleaner for engine rooms and cargo tanks.

Coldwash HD. : General purpose degreaser and tank cleaner.

Commissioning Cleaner. : Cleaner for new boilers and cooling systems.

Defoamer Concentrate. : Anti-foam concentrate.

Descalex. : Powdered acid for removing scale and rust.

Descaling Liquid. : Liquid acid for removing scale and rust.

Disclean. : Marine chemicals for cleaning separator discs.


Electrosolv-E. Electrical equipment cleaner.


Foam Agent. Foam additive to improve the efficiency of cleaning with chemicals.

Fore & Aft. Cleaner for public and residential premises.

HP Wash. Concentrated detergent for washing machines.

Metal Brite. Rust remover.

Metal Brite HD. Means for removing rust and plaque from metal.


Natural Handcleaner. Hand cleaner.

Penetron Plus. Fast-acting penetrating oil product.

Reefer Cleaner. Refrigeration chamber cleaner.

Teak Renewer. A cleaner and polish for wooden decks.

Unitor USC. Water-based cleaner for cleaning in ultrasonic baths.

Uni Wash. General purpose detergent.

Zinc Coat Conditioner. Zinc coatings cleaner.

For cleaning holds

Alkleen Liquid. Powerful alkaline tank cleaner.

Alkleen Safety Liquid. Non-caustic alkaline cleaner.

Enviroclean. Degreaser and tank cleaner.

Mud & Silt Remover. Dirt separator for ballast tanks and water systems.

Seaclean. : Double bottom tank cleaner.

Seaclean Plus. : Tank cleaner and degreaser.


To combat oil spills

Seacare Ecosperse. Dispersant for spilled oil products.

Seacare EPA. Dispersant for combating oil spills.

Seacare OSD. A product for dispersing oil products spilled at sea or in a port.

Marine biological products

Gamazyme 700FN. Biological stimulant for waste and faecal installations and systems.

Gamazyme BOE. Odor remover

Gamazyme BUB. Biological units for urinals

Gamazyme BTC. Biological toilet cleaner.

Gamazyme Digestor. Cleaner of outlets and devices for grinding waste

Gamazyme DPC. Biol

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